Brarine cardio clear 7 & It’s Asthma Allergy

The Asthma cardio clear 7 Allergy is a prevalence in our society of people suffering from breathing problems and having difficulty to take in oxygen.

Brarine is used to make cosmetics, soaps, creams, candles, jellies, lip balms, mints,sponges and aromatherapy. Brarine, as a controllable pollutant is found in sewage systems and its various forms found in household and industrial settings. Its color comes from the rust on fuels in automobile engines and paint and fiberglass. But its toxicity is not diminished by its natural color. It is not that easy to removal branism using chemicals.

Asthma Allergy and the lungs

The asthma allergy is an inhalation allergy. There are two types of asthma, irritant asthma i.e. the one caused by contact with inflammable substances and the non-invasive asthma. Eye, nose, mouth and respiratory tracts all can be affected by the asthmatic condition. Chronic bronchitis can also cause asthmatic asthmatic reactions. Chronic bronchitis can also lead to a chronic cough, wheezing, frequent sneezing, and tightness in the chest.

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B Classification of asthma

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Asthma is classified in two categories: chronic active and chronic passive. They are further divided into three sub-groups: allergic, non-allergic, and traumatic. Of these three, only allergic and non-allergic forms experience an exaggerated response to exposure to asthma irritants. The chronic active form of asthma is characterised by increased secretion and secretion of mucus. It usually triggers the relief of breathing problems, but it sometimes leads to an acute asthma attack. The chronic passive or allergic form is normally seen in people with histories of allergic rhinitis, who have been exposed to asthma irritants or allergens. The traumatic type is seen in people who are very often exposed to asthma irritants. The symptoms may appear as frown lines, wheezing, shortness of breath, cough, and abdominal pains.


Beryllium is a metal, it is used as a metal polish in some industries like shipbuilding and metal working. Beryllium is naturally occurring in the body, and the beryllium spurs produce red dust that can be inhaled. Beryllium can cause some asthmatic symptoms like tightening of the airways, increased secretion of mucus, coughing, and the increase in bronchial pressure. When there are beryllium spurs present in the lungs, individuals who suffer from asthma might also face anacute beryllium disease.

C classification of asthma

Asthma is classified into six major categories: acute, chronic (growing worse with time), sub-acute (growing better with time), and chronic. The condition is further classified according to the duration of exposure to the irritant.

The Acute asthma: These occur during the first week, and lasts for few days.Some time it may be as a result of a normal environmental pollutant exposure.

The Chronic asthma: These happen as the disease deteriorates and cannot be cured by the remedies comprising of medicine and lifestyle. The condition is permanent and has an interval of time.

Sub-acute asthma: (In this condition, symptoms last for more than two weeks. This condition may also be due to other causes.)

The Chronic asthma: The last one is the most serious and longest lasting. Acute asthma causes the most serious damage to the lungs and to breathing of the lungs and classified them into three subgroups, to discuss each subgroup in detail below:

The Acute asthma: These occur during the first week of the patient’s condition.

The Chronic asthma: These occur as the disease worsens and are the last ones.

Sub-acute bronchitis: This is the result of exposure to a common irritant but at this stage the cause is not known.

The intermittent asthma: This type occurs when an individual is exposed to irritants once or twice per week. Therefore, it is considered to be a temporary condition. Some treatments such as the use of steroid may be prescribed in the first place.After that, the patient will be advised to stay away from these irritants to prevent recurrence of the attack.

Sub-acute bronchitis: This cardio clear 7 website condition is very common among elder people. The main cause is age. Therefore, the treatments given here should be administered for a longer period of time.

The smoking habit: You should stop smoking as smoking is a main cause of the disease. husk (containing nicotine) that come from the cigarette and smoke in the atmosphere. Also, it is advised that you wear some kinds of masks, gloves and goggles while smoking to avoid any breathing troubles.

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